Striving for Healthy

Hello, i suppose this is where i tell you who i am.... My name is Melissa, Im 25 years old. :) Living in Phoenix. Ive had some ups and downs with my weight loss but im determined to reach my goal...



All smoothies are vegan & gluten free, most are nut free and the only smoothie with banana is Macha Magic!

Apple Pie Green Smoothie: apples, pecans, greens, spices, agave

Apples & Peanut Butter Green Smoothie: apples, PB2, greens, agave

Blueberry Bliss Green Smoothie: blueberries, strawberries, greens, soy

Bunny’s Lemonade: carrots, greens, lemon, strawberry, agave

Carrot Cake Green Smoothie: carrots, dates, coconut, spices

Classic Green Smoothie: apple, orange, greens, agave

Chocolate Strawberry Green Smoothie: cocoa, strawberries, greens, agave

Double Strawberry Green Smoothie: strawberries, strawberries, & more strawberries!

Fresh Start Green Smoothie: strawberries, carrots, lemon, greens

Green Lemonade: peaches, greens, lemon, agave

Macha Magic Green Smoothie: macha, banana (the only one!), greens, dates, soy

Mango Tango Green Smoothie: mango, orange, peach, greens

Morning Wake Up Green Smoothie: strawberry, lemon, mango, greens

Peaches & Cream Green Smoothie: double the peach, soy, greens, agave

Pina Green-Lada: pineapple, coconut, greens, soy

Orange Creamsicle Green Smoothie: orange, soy, greens, agave

Sip of Summer Green Smoothie: mango, strawberry, orange, soy, agave, greens

Spring Fling Green Smoothie: peach, coconut, soy, greens

Strawberries & Cream Green Smoothie: strawberries, soy, greens, agave

Tripe Berry Green Smoothie: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, greens


I’ve never related to anything more

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Chris Pratt, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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Totoro Messenger Bag

This My Neighbor Totoro messenger bag is made of canvas with leather accents. Every bag comes with a My Neighbor Totoro postcard. Currently on sale for just $27.29 at Amazon!



Yoga time 😛

Beautiful :)

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Acro yoga at 11,000 feet

this is really awesome

wanna reblog every day ~ maybe participate with a friend

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